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Cartoon Network's Animation series will not be renewed for a Fourth season

#MaxSteel Cancelled, No Season Four :(

Max Steel is an animated series airing on Cartoon Network. The series first aired in March 2013 on Disney XD and has seen three seasons so far, moving from Disney to Netflix for the second season, and then to Cartoon Network for the third. The series follows a teenager who possessed turbo energy who teams up with an alien with superior intellect to make the ultimate superhero. There has been no announcement yet about a renewal for the series.

What It’s About?

The series revolves around Max who must adjust to a new life after he and his mother move to the small city, Copper Canyon. He makes new friends, meets bullies and super villains who are after him for his Turbo energy. Max joins N-TEK, the secret organization started by his father. He must defeat Trans-Human Industries, led by Miles Dredd who is trying to take over the world using his Elementors. Max keeps his powers a secret from the world and has the help of his friend Steel, who is an alien and a project started by Max’s father, to keep his powers from overloading. In battle Steel turns into Max’s armor for whatever kind of terrain he needs. They are helped out by N-TEK and Max’s uncle, Ferrus. The series is based on the action figures of the same name.

Where We Left Off?

In the latest episode of season 3, Morphos is back and stronger than he’s ever been. To show that he is the most powerful villain of all he copies the powers of all the enemies of Miles Dredd. This forces Max to get help from his old enemies to stop him.

What’s Next?

There has been no announcement about a renewal for a fourth season of the series. This isn’t too concerning yet, as the third season is still underway. We will probably get an announcement about the fate of the series after the third season finishes up. Given that the series previous seasons have stretched for several months, this is not likely to happen any time soon.

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Since we are in the middle of a season, it is impossible to say where the season will leave us and what might happen in a new season. It is certain that Max will face new enemies and old alike and come out on top. There’s no telling what kind of trouble might befall the city that Max must rescue it from. We will have to wait for more information about the rest of season 3 and beyond. More information will likely be available after the third season finishes.

Since we haven’t had an announcement about the renewal of the series, we also don’t know when it is likely to air. The previous seasons have aired in March and August respectively. Given that the third season is still underway, it is difficult to say when the next season will air as we don’t know when the season is likely to end. We will get more information about the future of the series after an announcement about its renewal is made.

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10 months 27 days ago

I’m so sad it hasn’t been released yet! I’m DYING to see the end of the third seasons and more! For all the #MaxSteel fans out there, this is like a big deal. Well, let’s call it cheesie important, and I need to know or I’ll die of waiting! (I’m not very patient) and ya! This is a great show and I hope in 2018 atleast we will once again hear from and learn more information of the renewal of Max Steel! What do you guys think? Will we find out more in 2018? Post a comment and tell me! I would like to know.

10 months 16 days ago

Anyone? Hello? Are there no Max Steel fans anymore?