‘Mary Kills People’ Is A Different Show For Lifetime


Lifetime is trying something a little different by greenlighting Mary Kills People. This will be their first scripted series since UnReal, which just so happens to be doing incredible in the ratings. They are looking at an early 2017 release, though no exact dates have been set. The first season will come in at about six episodes, each an hour long. Lifetime is handling producing duties with Corus Entertainment, Entertainment One and Cameron Pictures.

Tara Armstrong is the lady behind the series, and it seems her influence has led to the hiring of longtime Hannibal alum Caroline Dhavernas. Caroline will play the lead character Mary, an ER doctor by day and a suicide believer by night. Mary and her partner take on terminally ill patients that want the suffering to end, and in a highly illegal business they bring peace to those suffering. The business has been a lot heavier than usual, yet they manage to stay under the radar. When things get a little complicated, Mary has to decide whether she wants to give it all up or continue to fight for her double life.

The premise is solid, and looks like a female Breaking Bad for Lifetime. Yes, that sounds ridiculous, but think about it for a second. It is unlike any other Lifetime show, and about the only Lifetime trope it couldn’t escape was with Mary being a single mother. Everything else is solid with the makings to become the best show on the network. Other cast members in the series include Greg Bryk, Jay Ryan, Richard Short, Lyriq Bent and Charlotte Sullivan.

With Holly Dale directing all of the episodes, Mary Kills People is taking on an uncomfortable subject that could turn into a big time series.

Will the writing live up to expectations? Or will the show get bogged down by network tropes?

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