‘Mary Berrys Secrets From Britains Great Houses’ Is A Go!


You knew it was happening and it finally has a title! Mary Berry’s Secrets From Britain’s Great Houses will be premiering on BBC One in 2017, and will be fabulous. She will explore food history, going well beyond the baking show she was closely associated with. About the only similarities between this new show and The Great British Bake Off is that they will use the stately home setting.

Each episode will cover a different residence, exploring their culinary secrets with great care. Some of the biggest draws of the series could be Hampton Court Palacec and the former home of Henry VIII. By comparison, her show will do a better job of celebrating food traditions rather than being a reality baking competition.

Right now it looks like it will be a six part series, and beyond the food will include a tour of the home, including its staff. Look for the next breakout star to show up, as the cameras will always be rolling! So what does this mean for the other former cohosts of The Great British Bake Off? Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc haven’t been mentioned at all in relation to this series, so currently no one knows if they will even be involved.

It was speculated that when the three of the four hosts left The Great British Bake Off that they would launch their own rival baking show together. So does this mean that Sue and Mel are working on their own project together to rival their former show? That would be like a double win for the BBC, and a blindside move that no one would see coming. This is a big opportunity to seize the talent while it’s still hot!

Will Sue and Mel get their own baking show on BBC? What do you think of Berry’s new show?

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