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‘Marseille’ Set For Second Season


Somehow Netflix always gets it right with renewals, and Gerard Depardieu’s Marseille is no different. The French political drama has been compared to ‘House of Cards’, and has garnered enough attention to get a renewal for a second season. The fun part about the renewal is that it happens even with the negative critical responses from French critics. Marseille is a rare show that appeals to a wide audience that doesn’t mind subtitles, and has gained a considerable fanbase since airing its first season. This is Netflix’s first original French series, and if things keep going well, won’t be its last.

While the go ahead has been given for the next season, production has not yet been scheduled. It isn’t a huge deal, but there are some whispers that they should quickly lock up Benoit Magimel since he is the major antagonist of the series. The gritty political thriller is about Mayor Robert Taro, who has since gone past his prime and is being challenged by his heir apparent Lucas Barres. This isn’t a regular political war, as the two adversaries literally pull out the big guns as the elections begin to ramp up. The struggle for power goes far and beyond what is acceptable, and spills over into both their professional and personal lives.

It’s clear that Netflix knows where its bread is buttered, knowing that while Marseille gets mixed reviews in France, it’s still watched heavily around the world. In fact the renewal is the direct result of this support it received from the fans around the world who are interested in seeing who comes out on top of this power struggle. Fans should look forward to Netflix investing in even more European content in the future.

How do you feel about the European content available on Netflix? What do you want to see more of?

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