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‘Mars’ Defines What A Great Miniseries Should Be


The National Geographic Channel’s Mars is about humans trying to colonize the Red Planet for the first time. This is the most ambitious miniseries on the network and it is set to premiere on November 14th to a pretty large viewership. The six episode event will follow a space crew on their mission to colonize the planet in 2033, with many of the struggles leading to some life changing decisions.

A trailer that was released for the show contains a lot of great information about the plot, and even goes shows scenes from future episodes. It is about as informative as a 2 minute trailer can get without giving away important story elements. As a treat to the fans they also include interviews with Andy Weir, Elon Musk and Neil Degrasse Tyson. Filmed earlier this year in Budapest and Morocco, Mars is directed by Everardo Gout.

What makes Mars so fun is that it isn’t too far off from the current reality of space travel. Colonizing another planet is one of the things that’s always talked about but hard to do. Mars will offer a look into the process and show in great detail why the mission to colonize will be filled with disappointment long before happiness comes into play. Starring in the series will be Alberto Ammann, Ben Cotton, Kata Sarbo, Nicholas Wittman, Karen Gagnon and Tom Nguyen.

The bar will be raised after the series finishes its run on the network, since many will be looking for more miniseries (or regular series) of the same quality. If the premiere goes as expected, they can attract a lot of big name talent for future shows on the network.

How popular will Mars be when it finishes its run on National Geographic? Is there a reason the show has gained so much attention?

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