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No decision has been made as to when production of Manzo’d With Children Season 4 will resume

Release Date of #ManzoChildren S4: To be announced

The Manzo’s are back at it again, with Caroline pulling the strings and displaying her expert family management experience as a true housewife. As the first spin-off of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, this Bravo reality docuseries premiered in October 2014 and paved the way for many spin-offs from each of the RHO projects. This show is full of lively Jersey characters: husband Albert, busy business owner of a well-establish catering facility; sons Albie and Chris, co-founders of the popular BLK beverages; and daughter Lauren, proprietor of the coffee bar, Cafface.

The cameras follow the family members through everyday life, catching all the action that fans of this genre crave. Caroline is viewed by many as the highest example of super-moms, caring for and supporting her family in a loving way with a lack of favoritism that earns viewers’ respect. Despite the usual egos that flare on reality shows, fans really love to connect with this family.

While season two centered on Lauren’s marriage to Vito, with all the madness that encompasses a huge wedding, this season viewers can expect more chuckles from Chris’ one-liners and short-but-sweet scenes with Albert, the one whose always working and always lovingly missed. With Lauren and her new hubbie living in Lauren’s room for now, there will be some close-calls with drama for sure, and Chris and Albie remain a tight team in business and play.

Season three has the family sticking together through a crazy bonding experience at a haunted prison, where Vito shows he’s chicken and bolt for the exit at the sight of a ‘ghost’ leaving his wife to fend for herself. Lauren launches her second salon, Full Blown, as her husband gets lessons in etiquette, showing up with flowers and a new suit to match his mannerisms. Chris assists his sister by directing a commercial starring Caroline and little Olivia. Overall, the family are growing together while inviting viewers into their living room and along for the adventures.

Season three kicked off on September 11, 2016 with about the same number of fans watching as did season two, clocking in at 920,000 for episode one. Although the show hasn’t been able to get back up to the ranks of its premiere season, when in October 2014 the viewers numbered 1.74 million, it managed to snag a spot in the Top 50, coming in at 32. IMDB votes rank it at 4.5/10 with viewer comments that are written positively by those who love the reality style, and negatively when they find the family over-privileged and out-of-touch with reality, ironically enough.

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Caroline remains the fan-favorite out of all the Real Housewives spin-offs and based on the consistency in viewership across season two, and no change seen with season three so far, it’s safe to bet there is a season four on the way sometime next year but we have yet to see anything official from Bravo. Manzo’d With

Children airs on Bravo, Sundays at 9pm ET.

Do you see Lauren and Vito’s young marriage staying strong? Will Caroline finally help Albie achieve his goals of becoming a lawyer? What will come of Lauren’s newest salon?

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