‘Manifesto’ Adds Paul Bettany


Paul Bettany will play Ted Kaczynski, the infamous Unabomber. Discovery Channel’s Manifesto is rounding out its cast, and this recent hiring is one of their biggest yet. The series itself is already one of the most high profile productions on the network, and just got a little bit bigger.

Manifesto is executive produced by Dana Brunetti and Kevin Spacey thanks to their Trigger Street Productions company. The script was written by Andrew Sodroski, and he will also share executive producing abilities with Troy Searer and John Goldwyn. Coming in for showrunner duties will be Emmy Award winner Greg Yaitanes, better known for his work on House. He will also direct all the episodes of the series when it comes out.

The show is about the FBI and how it managed to catch some of the biggest criminal masterminds in history. With the way things are shaping up, it looks like each season of the show will follow a single case. Season one will be about agent Jim Fitzgerald and how he managed to catch the Unabomber. It took almost 20 years to catch Kaczynski, and the only reason it happened was due to the FBI using unconventional profiling methods.

With the network exploring more big name original content than it ever has, Manifesto marks a really ambitious push into the growing docuseries genre. The world is in love with these types of shows, and this gives their viewers more than enough reason to stay put. But will Manifesto define the genre or be more of the same? They are still ironing out an opening date and fine tuning the cast. When the show comes out there is a good chance that the world would have moved on from the crime genre, and onto the next big thing.

Will the long production schedule hurt the show? How do you think the first season will handle the Unabomber story?

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