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Nickelodeon has yet to officially confirm the fate of Make It Pop Season 3

Release Date of #MakePop S3: To be announced

Make it Pop was a rather brave attempt from Nickelodeon to target an audience who is interested in getting to know the K-Pop culture. Perhaps the show’s secondary goal was to introduce this movement to the western audiences.

Make it Pop is a TV Show that commenced in March 2015 and was clearly aimed to attract teenagers who could very well be attracted to the world of K-Pop. The TV show is a somewhat generic youngster series that greatly feels like the High School Musical, spiced up with some K-Pop influence.

The pilot of the show aired on 26 March 2015 and began a  20-episode season on Nickelodeon. Make it Pop could be fitted into a lot of trendy genres of today, but is mainly a combination of drama and comedy presented in a musical format.

The Crew

Make it Pop is written by Jan Caruana and Tommy Lynch, with Caruana known for Mean Girls and Sunnyside and Lynch for South of Nowhere and The Journey of Allen Strange. The relatively unique theme is managed by director Keith Samples who has worked on titles like A Smile Like Yours and Mr. D. Keith Samples is also the founder of a successful movie production company, Rysher Entertainment.

The Cast and Characters 

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Obviously, a show like Make it Pop requires faces that match the culture and who would appeal to those interested in it. The show has four main characters, Sun Hi, Jodi, Corki and Caleb. Sun Hi, played by Megan Lee is a slightly overdone character who has received some mixed feedback from the fans. Jodi, on the other hand, is a lovable character played by Louriza Tronco. She feels like the most realistic character of the show so far. Corki is still a quite a mystery in Make it Pop, as her character is slightly secretive and through the first season we do not really get to know her. Caleb is the male character of the team, played by Dale Whibley. He is likeable but there is plenty of room for improvement and in some cases he turns out to be a bit irritating. Beyond the four main characters, there are some significant side ones like Jared, played by John-Alan Slachta and Mr. Stark by Matt Baram.

Season 1 

As previously discussed, the show ran its first season last year and started with the pilot titled Rumors and Roommates. The first episode received some negative feedback from the viewers, many of whom claimed it to be rushed and overdone. The process of the main characters becoming friends is unnaturally fast and most of the scenes seem too simple-minded. But this is a common issue with teenager-targeted, casual TV shows that they lack complexity and are often too brief. Throughout the first season, the main characters tackle everyday teenager issues that affect their musical life. Season 1 ended right before summer, last year, and did not bring a huge development in the story.

Present and Future of Make it Pop

The second season arrived early this year with the first episode, The Gift, arriving on January 7. For now, the show seems to survive the tough industry but a lot more attention will be required on the precision and efficiency of the way K-Pop is presented to fans and newcomers alike.

It is understandably a tough task to accurately present a trending topic like K-Pop, and when doing so, creators must accept that the hardcore fans are bound to be very critical. For now, Make it Pop is scheduled to continue the second season, but no information is currently available on the next seasons to come. It is most likely that the lineup of characters will eventually be further expanded with some similar musically talented figures.

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