Lucas Brothers Moving Co.: What to Expect from Season 3


Airing on FXX after the initial segment called ADHD it was commissioned for was cancelled, Lucas Brothers Moving Company is an animated comedy short about two stoner brothers. After their uncle leaves them a van, they decide to open a moving company despite the fact that they don’t really like working. Starring twin brother comedians Kenny and Keith Lucas, the show is an entertaining outlet for their entertainment as the cartoon versions of themselves take on the world and adventures. It is based roughly on their experiences in real life installing cable television. For anyone who enjoys stoner humor, the show is an entertaining short that will likely keep people laughing.

Who are the Lucas brothers?

The Lucas Brothers, Kenny and Keith, are stand-up comedians who rose to fame after they did a performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in 2009. Before then they made an appearance on Arrested Development, and even ended up on Rolling Stone’s Hot List.

How did the Lucas brothers get the idea for the show?

The duo originally had experience as cable television installers, and thought it would make an entertaining premise for their animated comedy. They determined it may be too similar to The Cleveland Show, so they decided to mix things up a bit and make them a moving company. The show has undergone transitions since its premiere, as it was originally part of the ADHD segment on Fox. The late night segment, reminiscent of Adult Swim, was cancelled after a season and the show was picked up by FXX, where viewers are hoping to see the next season start up over the summer.

What are people saying about the show?

For those who can appreciate the weirdness and stoner humor, the show is two thumbs up. Many people enjoy watching it, but when it comes to actually explaining what is going on the random and bizarre storylines make it hard to actually describe. They consider the jokes to be funny, and they reference a lot of other shows from the past couple decades. Even for those who don’t get the references they use them in a way that people can still find humor in it. Critics on the other hand are typically people who don’t appreciate stoner and dumb humor. The show has no depth and can’t hold a candle to other animated comedy shows. The humor lacks substance, and is usually just dumb humor to make people laugh rather than intelligent humor. It is mindless humor, lacking any semblance of wit or satire, but if viewers know that going in they’ll know whether it is something they’d like.

Is it a good show for children to watch?

Because it is animated with such an innocent sounding name, it could easily be mistaken for a children’s show, but there are no circumstances under which a child should watch this show. The drug references along should be enough to keep it off a list of shows for kids to watch, but if that doesn’t the poor role models, violence and inappropriate language should be enough to keep it away from the youngsters. The laziness of the pair does not give children something to which they should look up to, and the violence is unpleasant at best.

Are there any similar shows?

For those who enjoy late night animation comedy, there are plenty of options on television. Fans of The Lucas Brothers also typically enjoy The Simpsons and Family Guy. Other recommended animated shows include Archer, Golan the Insatiable and Axe Cop. Many people who enjoy the show also enjoy the sitcom It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia due to the comedy style.


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