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Lost Girl will not return for a Sixth series...

#LostGirl Cancelled, No Season Six :(

Canadian supernatural thriller Lost Girl is about the life of a succubus named Bo that has to come to learn to control her innate abilities. Rather than using her demonic powers for evil, she bends them to her will and learns to help people. Her ultimate goal after accepting her roots is to find out more about her past, and why she was marked as a succubus to begin with.

She has been scarred ever since accidentally killing her high school boyfriend during her first sexual encounter, and has yet to recover. Over the course of the series she runs into some formidable enemies, some that she may never overcome.

Anna Silk

A very fascinating Canadian actress that is was first mostly recognized for her role as Deb in Nicoderm nicotine patch commercials, Anna Silk has since become more widely known for her great lead role as Bo in the show #LostGirl. Her mom Ilkay Silk is an accomplished actress, director, producer and playright that inspired her daughter as she was growing up.

Anna did her early work with the theatre, most notably Theatre St. Thomas: Seven Menus and The Kitchen. #LostGirl is her first major recurring role, where previously she did guest work on shows “Being Erica”, “The Jane Show”, “Missing”, “Mutant X” and “Undressed”. Her film work includes “Assassins Tale” and “Breakfast with Scot”. With LG ending this season it’ll be interesting to see what she has lined up, and if she makes the full leap to feature films.

The Story So Far

Things are still rocky between Tamsin and Bo after Bo rejected her as a lover, preferring to go back to being friends instead. This shook Tamsin a lot more than she thought in the beginning, leading her to put distance between herself and Bo. The gang gets an invitation to a part being held by the ancient Faes to honor Bo, with everyone with half a brain knowing that it is some sort of trap. They decide to go anyway, with the idea of scouting their enemy’s weakness to use it against them later.

Tamsin shows up on her own later on, but decides to lend the gang a hand with the plan. After a talk with Zee where Bo is informed that by feeding she is sending energy to Hades himself, and offers her freedom from her father if she agrees to an emancipation ceremony. A misinterpreted vision causes some wrong decisions by Bo and her friends, and leads them to believe that Iris is being used as a weapon.

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After a fight with Zee over a music box, Bo opens it and finally meets her father face to face. He informs her of what she must do to end all of this, and a seemingly calm Bo starts to wind the music box and get engulfed in light. Whether she is releasing Hades from Tartarus or helping the world is a question for the next episode.

The Last Season

This is the last season of #LG, and they split it into two parts. The first part of season 5 was 8 episodes that finished airing on January 25th, 2015. The last 8 episodes of the series finale will begin airing on September 6th, 2015 and will prove

to be very interesting.

Most likely Hades has tricked Bo and she is basically destroying the world by releasing him. It’s possible she will wise up and stop before it is too late. Mark may end up dying due to calling Vex instead of his father for help, and it may be deservedly so.

Do you think they can correctly wrap up the series in the last 8 episodes? And do you think that Mark will die?

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Kathryn Shaw
Kathryn Shaw
1 year 28 days ago

I recently watched all five seasons in three days. Disapointed if there are no other seasons.