‘Lopez’ Gets Renewed


The iconic comedian made a lot of people stop second guessing him when his show Lopez got renewed for a second season. The freshman series was critically praised and got a lot of love by a lot of fans, even though it was drowned by unlimited comedy shows on its host network. What separated it from the rest of the flock was the charisma of George Lopez and his ability to poke fun at himself. If things continue to go well for the second season this could end up being another hit that lasts for a couple of seasons. But the lifeline of this show is going to depend heavily on just how many comedy risks George wants to take.

Lopez is about a successful comedian that wants to give back to his Latino community and get in touch with his roots. The problem is he feels out of place in his own community, and his celebrity status in Hollywood is judged by his Latino heritage. Both worlds pull at him, making him feel out of place no matter where he goes. The fun thing about the show is that it very much chronicles the real life of George Lopez, so underneath the great comedy there is a really good underlying message.

With March 30th being when the series launched, it is a good sign that TV Land renewed it before the finale aired. The network has been reinventing itself to appeal to a broader, younger audience and has been wheeling and dealing. They are developing in-house shows like ‘The First Wives Club’ while giving out renewals to shows they think can place the network high in demographic rankings. The rebranding is working, and they have many stars to lean on for the foreseeable future.

What is your favorite George Lopez show? And how do you like the rebranding of TV Land?

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