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‘Longmire’ Sets Up For Final Season


Longmire has been renewed for a final season 6, set to debut in 2017. As sad as it is to see the show ride off into the sunset, the final ten episode season will be worth waiting for. This was the best western to come along in years, and has been a big hit in New Zealand, U.S., Australia and even Canada.

When Longmire finally closes the book on its story, there will be a lot of unforgettable characters that will be missed. The memories they created may have even been an inspiration for future characters in other series, since they were so well written to begin with. Since Longmire will finally come to a conclusion next year, there are a lot of theories that are popping up about what will happen. That’s why fans that have been loyal to the series will finally get what they deserve. This also means that fans that never started the series will also feel comfortable binge watching while waiting on the final season, something that viewers do when they don’t want to get invested in a show that may get cancelled.

Walt may not be the most famous Walt in a television series, but he is definitely up there. Walt’s journey has been unbelievable, and has been more focused on his morals as an individual rather than non-stop action. It may have been that slow burn drama that led to its cancellation on A&E in the third season, but like many other second life series on Netflix, Longmire became something special when it was given freedom. When Longmire finishes its run next year, this will be the best Western to ever grace Netflix in its history.

What are your feelings on Longmire finishing its season next year? Will it meet expectations or be a big disappointment?

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