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OWN has yet to announce the fate of Livin’ Lozada Season 3

Release Date of #Livin'Lozada S3: To be announced

Livin’ Lozada is an American reality docu-series that premiered July 11, 2015 on the cable channel OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). Part of the unscripted/alternative television department at Warner Bros, Shed Media, the series is executive produced by Pam Healey, John Hesling, Lisa Shannon, Russ Heldt and Evelyn Lozada. Evelyn Lozada (Basketball Wives) heads up the series, which follows her personal and professional lives. Along with her daughter, model Shaniece Hairston, the viewer is shown the day to day life’s of these two women, the good and the bad. As Lozada moves through her busy day to day life, she has a lot on her plate. Having had a son with new fiancé Carl Crawford, she has to learn how to be a mother again. Add to this that she is also working to set up a new home in Los Angeles, and struggling with getting a new book published. All while dealing with family issued cropping up from back East, and you can see that she has more than her fair share to handle. She still, in all this hustle and bustle, sets time aside to help and advise her daughter Shaniece, who sometimes heeds her mom’s advice and sometimes not. Shaniece has her own endeavors to deal with, as she launches her own bikini line while also maintaining her budding modelling career. Also featured are Evelyn and Shanieces close friends and family, who help and support the women in their day to day struggles. The viewers watch as Evelyn tries to set up her life in the present, leaving her past behind, and Shaniece matures into a young woman and takes on her new adult life.

In the new season, which aired May 7, 2016, we see Evelyn head back home. It is the off-season, so she and her son, Leo, and her fiancé L.A. Dodgers star Carl Crawford, head to Arizona. But all is not well, as the road grows rocky. Evelyn’s daughter, 22 year old Shaniece, does not like being left alone in Los Angeles. Dealing with the ups and downs of launching her new modelling career, as well as a lucrative deal offing by Bow Wow, she is beginning to feel the pressure and needs her mother. Add to the mix that there are some older issues, between Shaniece and her mother, that has to be dealt with on a professional level and the pressure is on. Also to be featured is their trip to Houston, with the plans of spending the holidays with Carl’s family, and then swinging back to NYC and embracing their Bronx roots. As Evelyn’s forty birthday quickly approaches, she realizes she is not as young as she used to be and if she wants to conceive another child with Carl’s she is going to have to turn to more unconventional means.

#LL shows with a meager 6.2 out of 10 on the IMDB site, with no ratings showing on Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes. In its freshman season LL was the highest rated docuseries on OWN among women 18-49. With the current rating that this series is showing on IMDB it would appear that the viewership did not quite hold up after that. Having started with a decent viewer demographic of 0.53 million viewers on its premiere episode, that has since plummeted down to 0.36 million viewers for the season two series finales. With that kind of downward spiral, one has to wonder what the actual chances for a season three renewal might be. The viewer’s comments on this series are from one extreme to the other. Some question how the series has honestly made it as far as it has, while others are on the edge of their seats for a season three. Many cite that the only reason that it has lasted as long as it has is because it is on OWN, and OWN protects their interests. Others give the impression that they tune in each week because they are familiar with Evelyn’s tumultuous back story, and hint that maybe it is out of sympathy more than anything. Either way, it will be interesting to see if this one actually gets a new season.

#Livin’Lozada finished its second season with the airing of its eighth episode on June 18, 2016. As of this writing, the third season renewal has not been officially announced. And, again, if we look at the ratings and the demographics, as well as factoring in viewer comments, there is a good chance it may not be.

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Will this series return for a third season? And if it does, what does that season hold? Will Evelyn and Shaniece ever resolve their past issues? And will Evelyn and Carl be able to conceive another child?

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