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National Geographic has yet to officially confirm the fate of Live Free or Die Season 4

Release Date of #LFD S4: To be announced

If you’re desperate for your next dose of survivalist TV then its time to dust off your bearskin jacket and prep your cooking pot, because Live Free or Die season 3 has just aired! July 25th was the day that National Geographic once again took viewers into the lives of those who exist off the grid. The six stars of the show live in the most remote of places, including swamps and backwoods, and look to nature to give them all they need to survive. The series originally premiered on September 30th 2014 on National Geographic, and finished its second season run on November 16th 2015.

So who are the brave survivalists who have chosen to live far away from the bustle of modern society and obligations of a capitalist system? First up is Colbert, who was a financial advisor in his previous rat-race life. After he had finished raising his two daughters, he quit his career and left city life, setting up home in the swamps of Georgia. A master carpenter, Colbert actually built his entire homestead from wood he found scavenging in the swamp. Living life in the arms of Mother Nature has taught him how to forage, hunt and trap, as well as use natural herbs and plants to create his own medicine, meaning that he is completely self-sufficient, getting everything he needs to live from his surroundings.

Next is Thorn, who lives in a remote part of the Blue Ridge Mountains, having over 120 acres to call his home. He gets everything he needs from the forest around him, and like Colbert, built his home from wood he found in his surroundings. He was previously a schoolteacher, but gave it all up for a simpler life. His five-year-old daughter spends some of her time living with Thorn, and he teaches her how to live as he does.

There is also Amelia, who also lives on a plot of land in the Blue Ridge mountains. She and her husband Tony have thrived away from the demands of modern life for over three years, and even keep their own hive of bees. Tony is also featured on the show, and it was he who purchased an inhospitable patch of land on the Blue Ridge mountainside, building a home there. He met Amelia when she saw his hand-built home and fell in love with it…and him. Tony is a keen agriculturist and has a dream of creating an orchard full of tea, hazelnut and chestnut trees.

Derik Stevens lives away from the crowd on the outskirts of a small town in Ward, Colorado. He is a full time blacksmith, who was taught how to live off the land by his father. This way of living spoke to Derik, and when he inherited his fathers cabin 22 years ago, he dived right into the lifestyle after rebuilding it himself. He now hunts for his own food, builds and maintains fires, and rides his horses through the trails, trying to emulate the way cowboys lived in the 19th century. He uses his mix of skills to make a living – hunting, building, crafting tools, or ranching for others in nearby properties, all so that he can provide for his four-year-old daughter Rua, who seems keen to follow in her father’s footsteps.

Lastly there is Tobias, a 33-year-old who lives on the outskirts of society in a yurt he hand built in Prescott, Arizona. He is a keen survival enthusiast and a firm believer in a nomadic lifestyle. Even at a young age Tobias was obsessed with the outdoors, regularly camping in the wilds of New Mexico, witnessing nature in all of its glory – which would go on to create an insatiable passion in the young boy. Tobias is capable of hunting, foraging, making clothes, building and maintaining fires to cook, and creating medicines to fend of sickness. He believes that these are skills everyone should have, and that everyone should be able to provide for themselves using the abundance provided in nature. In fact, he sees relying on the feeding hand of those in power as taking away from what it means to be human.

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So we already know that National Geographic has viewed LFD as good enough to survive for a 3rd season, but exactly how popular is it, and can we expect a 4th season in 2017? Unfortunately the network hasn’t released any demographic viewer numbers for us to get a good idea of how popular it is. However, reviews have been very positive for the show, which sets it in good stead. #LiveFreeDie currently has a very respectable rating of 7.7 on IMDB and an excellent 4 out of 5 star rating on popular web-streaming service Amazon Instant Video, proving that those who do watch the intrepid survivalists are big fans. With the arrival of the third season very recently, and the good feedback from viewers, it is very likely that the show will continue to air until something drastic changes.

There are currently no Blu-ray version of #LFD available to buy in stores or online, however you can purchase the DVD on for $13.99 per season. If you would prefer to watch the show from your computer, you can access it for $2.99 per episode on Amazon Instant Video or $24.99 for all ten episodes per season – although you will need to have an Amazon account. You may also be able to catch reruns of the show on National Geographic itself, which is Sky: 526, Virgin: 266, BT: 317, or TalkTalk: 317.

Are you glad that #LFD has returned for a third outing, or do you think the show should have been abandoned in the wild? Do you have a favourite among the 6 larger-than life survivalists shown on the show? Do you dream of leading a simple life away from the pressures of modern life, or do you know someone who already does?

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Jordan brewer
Jordan brewer
1 year 1 month ago

Season 4…. go go go. Me and my girlfriend love the show. Keep it up

11 months 7 days ago


Tammie wingo
Tammie wingo
7 months 10 days ago

Please bring the show back!!! It’s wasn’t on last year,so I’m very disappointed that Nat Geo keeps putting boring,repeat shows on,with boring topics!!!! Please,Nat Geo!!! No more crappy shows!!!+

6 months 18 days ago

Love the show bring it back

Steve Decker
Steve Decker
1 month 9 days ago

Love the show …waiting for season 4…