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The Second season of Les Témoins began on March 15, 2017

S2 Started March 15, 2017

Les Témoins is a French series airing on France 2. The series first aired in November 2014 in Belgium an March 2015 in France and has seen one season so far. The series follows the unearthing of murder victims and the implications this has in the small town. A second season is currently being written. There has been no word on when we will be seeing the new season air.

What It’s About?

In the small coastal town of Le Tréport, bodies of murder victims are being uncovered and left to be found. Implicated in the murders is the former police chief Paul Maisonneuve. Investigating the murders are Detectives Justin and Sandra.

Where We Left Off?

Paul is rescued by Sandra and has discovered the truth. The person uncovering the bodies is trying to hide their own troubled past that is trying to resurface. Paul and Sandra must work to their very limits to finally solve the case.

What’s Next?

There hasn’t really been much word about the new season from the network. It is rumored that a new season is in the works but we don’t have any confirmation from the network about that. It looks like the new season is still in the works so there isn’t much to tell just yet. We will probably hear more once the season has been filmed and the network has a better idea of what is happening and when. We will certainly get more details after the network officially announces the return of the series. Until then all we know is that a new season seems to be in the works right now.

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We know very little about what will be happening in the new season. The only detail circulating at the moment is that Thierry Lhermitte will not be returning for the second season. It is unclear if another actor will be taking his place or if the series will go on without his character altogether. There is also rumor that a new investigator will be on the scene in the new season, but this has not been confirmed by the network. We don’t yet know if the story from season 1 is all wrapped up or if there are still threads to be pulled at in a new season. We will have to wait for more information to be released before we have a better idea of what the second season will look like.

We also don’t know when to expect the second season to air. The announcement that Lhermitte would not be returning broke in April 2015 and there has not been much else said about the series. At that point the season was still being written so it’s unclear what stage in the production process the series is at. We will probably get an air date with or after an official announcement about the series’ return. The first season aired in March in France so we could be looking at a release as soon as that for 2016 but without word that seems unlikely. Check back with us to stay up to date on all the latest #LesTémoins news.


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S2 of #LesTémoins #Witnesses with Marie Dompnier and Audrey Fleurot begins 15 March on @France2tv @NordicNoirTV

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