‘Legion’ Gets A Premiere Date!


Marvels new show Legion will be coming to television on February 8th, courtesy of FX. A new trailer has been released for the series showing just how intense it’ll be. Legion isn’t your average super powered character, and has layers that will make for a really great story.

Showrunner Noah Hawley will be handling things behind the scenes, and is best known for his work on the excellent Fargo. Legion is about David Haller, a young man that slowly begins to realize he is no average human. No one understands him or the voices he claims to hear, leading to him being put in a mental hospital. But once he starts to awaken, Haller realizes that those voices he can hear are actually real.

Dan Stevens stars as Haller, and will be joined by Aubrey Plaza, Katie Aselton, Rachel Keller, Amber Midthunder, Jean Smart and Bill Irwin. There are a lot of other notable actors that will be on the show, and that doesn’t include a crossover. Legion is a Marvel character that could potentially tie in all of the other Marvel characters, if that makes sense. The importance of this character is shown by how many talented actors have signed up for the project.

Legion also comes at a time when Marvel is dominating Netflix with their other series, including the upcoming Defenders crossover. It will get to a point where there is a Marvel themed show on every day of the week, which would be marvelous! With everything that can go right with Legion, there is still plenty that can go wrong. FX needs to manage the marketing carefully and make sure to temper expectations, because at this point anything less than awesome will be a disappointment.

Will Legion live up to its potential? What do you expect from the show?

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