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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Is Aiming To Surprise Viewers


Legends of Tomorrow is the hottest thing on The CW right now, and the network knows it. Season two of the show is already revealing a few surprises, and now executive producer Marc Guggenheim is teasing viewers with little bit of information about upcoming episodes. The Justice Society of America is just getting started, with a chance to be the greatest group of superheroes on television.

The show is looking jump to the year 1987 to meet Obsidian, or at least the older version. Lance Henriksen will reprise the role, so that’s good news for the future of the show. And speaking of the future, they may add in another device that harkens back to plotlines mentioned in the first season.

Believe it or not, Vixen will be around for future episodes. They aren’t revealing how and why, but there will be a major revelation in the upcoming 3rd episode that goes deep into her storyline. This might anger some diehard fans, as the time traveler undoing incredible storylines that are inconvenient (at the time) will end up opening plot holes. For better reference, some people are still upset that Jon Snow came back to life on Game of Thrones.

Hourman will not be back, even though he technically could be brought back (time traveling works in mysterious ways) and join the gang. This goes back to the whole messing up plot holes by bringing characters back through time travel, and will affect the series moving forward. They introduced the element a while back, so there is no closing Pandora ‘s Box!

The Legends of Tomorrow handles time traveling better than 12 Monkeys, with all of its upcoming plot twists turning season 2 into the best yet.

What do you think about the way the show handles time travel? Is season 2 turning into a big surprise?

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