‘Krypton’ Finds Its Lead


The leading man for Syfy’s Krypton has been cast, and newcomer Cameron Cuffe seems to have won out. The upcoming Superman prequel pilot has a lot of eyes on it, with some feeling it would have been better off on The CW. With the way 12 Monkeys is spiraling out of control, some of those fans might be right. Will Krypton be able to flourish on the Syfy channel?

  1. Cameran Cuffe is new, and has the ultimate task of playing Seg-El. As leader of the El family he is a brilliant man whose family was once the most respected on Krypton. The London born Cuffe has more time on stage than he does on television, yet there is a nice spark in his eye. He will play the role fine.
  2. Is this possibly the most confusing storyline in all of television? This Is Us called and claimed they wanted their script back. Fans will have no trouble following the series, but it’s the newcomers that will be a bit troubled by all that takes place. Seg-El is Superman’s grandfather, and Jor-El’s father. From that point on, it drips into comic book madness. The demographics will be all over the place for this one.
  3. David S. Goyer is behind the series, and is a perfect pick since he is the screenwriter for Man of Steel, Batman Begins and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. They have a writer that is familiar with the material, and most importantly, respects it.
  4. Where is the buzz? For some reason Krypton is not getting the marketing it needs to be successful. They’re still in the pilot stage, so that could be it. Yet at this point you’d expect a social media blitz from excited fans.

Krypton could be for Syfy what Gotham is for FOX. A little bit of care is needed to make the storyline make sense to the normal viewer, then it is smooth sailing from there!

Will this be a big series for Syfy? Or will they end up ruining it due to the story?

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