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We're delighted to announce that Kim’s Convenience will return to CBC for a Second season

#KimConvenience S2 is confirmed, Release Date: To be scheduled

Kim’s Convenience is a new comedy delighting Canadian viewers with its clever comedic beats and delightfully diverse characters. There aren’t many shows featuring the Korean diaspora in Canada, and although this show could be viewed as stereotypical (a Korean family that owns and operates a convenience store) it is really centered around the reality of being a Canadian immigrant and the average daily living situations of the Kim family.

Based on the successful stage production by playwright turned showrunner Ins Choi, #KimConvenience is making Canadian history, being the very first Asian-led project on TV. That is a big deal not only for the Asian communities throughout Canada, but for all families as they watch this hilarious show together and further embrace what is already a highly diverse culture.

In a recent interview with CBC News, Choi said, “I love that we are part of that [discussion]. That this show — in a positive, proactive way, with a lot of humour, a lot of heart, kind of an essentially Canadian way — we can add to that conversation.”  

#KimConvenience takes place in the Regent Park district of Toronto and features some veteran stage actors who are new faces in Canadian television. The show-stealing Mr. Kim (aka Appa) is portrayed by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, who has been with the project since its stage days. Mrs. Kim (aka Umma) is played by Jean Yoon who starred in The Time Traveler’s Wife. Andrea Bang plays the Kim’s daughter, Janet. Their son, Jung, is portrayed by Simu Liu, best known for his involvement in the action-packed TV series Taken (based on the popular Liam Neeson films).

Critics are in favor of the series, calling attention to the comedy show’s total lack of seriousness while maintaining its truthfulness and sharp dialogue. IMDb voters have the show rated very high for it being in its first season, coming in at a 7 out of 10. Viewer comments are highly in favor of Mr. Kim’s one liners and his hilarious way of speaking his mind. Most are comparing the show to Fresh Off the Boat and King of Queens, in that the comedy fits any family, not just a specific ethnicity. The only negative comment was more about the put-on accents of the characters sounding forced or over the top.

#KC debuted its first season on October 11, 2016, with back-to-back episodes. It was originally supposed to debut a week earlier, but the network made a smart decision to hold off for a week so as not to compete in ratings with the Toronto Blue Jays televised baseball game. Although CBC-TV doesn’t release their ratings data, the show has been well received with critics and viewers alike. The network previewed the first two episodes with a test group of all ethnicities and the show was met with heavy laughter.

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CBC-TV has not announced anything official about renewal or cancellation of this ground-breaking show, and it might just be too soon to determine. Stay tuned to find out!

#KC airs on Tuesday nights at 9pm ET on CBC-TV.

What do you love most about KC – the characters, the fresh acting styles, or the filming techniques?

Will you keep watching the show through the first season? Are you hoping the show will be renewed?

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Kim’s Convenience gets a second season from CBC! The renewal came before the back to back season finale which is set to air on December 27th. With ratings that keep on rising, you can expect to see the show around for a long time.

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