‘Kevin Can Wait’ Just Nabbed An Old Friend


Kevin Can Wait just got a little bit better after announcing fan favorite Adam Sandler will guest star. Sandler will make his appearance on November 7th in the episode titled Who’s Better Than Us?

Sandler will play the former partner of Kevin. Sandler’s character is having the time of his life with new rookie partner Nick, who will be played by Chris Weidman. Kevin gets jealous about the new partnership and tries to drive a wedge between the two. This isn’t a surprising guest starring role at all, since the two are friends from way back. They have been on screen together and collaborated on many films and television shows.

Remember King of Queens? Sandler also made an appearance on that show and gave it a big spike in the ratings. They are hoping that the same thing happens when Sandler makes his appearance on the 7th, especially with the news that the show has been given a full season renewal. With the episode count now up to 22, there will be a lot of pressure on the series to produce. Everyone was expecting King of Queens when the series was launched, and it has been everything but that. The new flow is more family friendly, and generic.

Things also have heated up since showrunner and co-creator Bruce Helford decided to leave the series. That’s never a good sign, even though they already have Rob Long set to replace him. Don’t be surprised if the show doesn’t last as long as everyone wants, since Kevin James is currently the only reason to watch. He has carried the show this far, and looks to be exactly the person that can make it worth renewing for a second season.

How many seasons will the show last on CBS? What changes can they make to force the other characters to be more relatable?

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