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Kate Plus 8 Season 6? The network has not made a decision yet

Release Date of #KP8 S6: To be announced

Kate Plus 8 Turns 10!

Most parents think twins are difficult to handle, and couldn’t possibly imagine twins and sextuplets, let alone as a single parent! That is exactly what super-mom Kate Gosselin does daily, and TLCs camera crew is there to capture all, from mundane to exciting, as #KatePlus8 rolls into its fifth season.

After 10 years of being on television, the kids have certainly changed a lot. The sextuplets were only 2 year-olds when the series began with Jon & #KatePlus8, but when the couple went through divorce in 2009, the series was revamped and renamed, minus Jon. The twins are now about to start driving, which could really prove to be a huge help for Kate, as they will eventually be able to cart their younger siblings around town.

Season 5 premiered on November 22, 2016, with a one-hour anniversary episode earning a demo rating of 0.26 with 0.89 million viewers. The special featured highlighted moments from the past ten years of the family being on television, and included unaired footage and new interviews. Kate and the kids have stuck together through thick and thin, remaining a tightly bound unit through the years, and America has been right there with them through it all.

This new season will have eight episodes, and features birthday celebrations for the 12-year-old sextuplets and the 16-year-old twins, Mady and Cara. Kate takes the troop on family trips to New Orleans where they pitch-in and help provide relief for victims of the hurricane, and also spend some time enjoying a vacation in the Poconos and relaxing at the beach.

The show’s official Facebook page has over a million likes, and fans of the show adore having grown-up with the kids. However, @KatePlus8 has always been in the ditches with viewer feedback on IMDb, with the current ranking at 3.0 out of 10 with 60 votes cast. When Jon was on the show, it ranked just barely better, at 4.9 out of 10 with over 3,300 votes cast. Those who struggle to give it a high mark say that Kate can be extremely bossy at times, and yells a little too much for their liking.

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Despite the dwindling ratings and lower-than-desired viewer feedback, the show is still a winner for the TLC network. They have not made any official announcements about a sixth season yet, but the popularity of the show has been steady enough to keep people watching season-over-season, just to see what this huge family does next. There will probably be a new season announcement sometime in early 2017.

@KatePlus8 airs Tuesday nights at 10pm ET on TLC. The series can also be streamed on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and downloads are available for purchase at the iTunes Store.

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