‘K.C. Undercover’ Gets A Season 3 Renewal


The Disney Channel wasted no time in renewing K.C. Undercover for a third season. This was a no brainer for the network, as they are nursing one of their brightest young stars into something special. There is also spinoff potential with the show, which is something that the network absolutely loves.

K.C. Undercover is about a high school phenomenon that turns into an international spy after finding out that both her parents are also spies. Her success is important, as they both expected her to follow in their footsteps. In a really odd way this is what The Americans would look like if it was on The Disney Channel. There is a lot to like about the show, especially the starring character K.C. Cooper played by Zendaya. Of course working for a top secret government agency has to be balanced with high school life, so there is a lot of Hannah Montana madness embedded in the storylines.

Season 3 will also see Zendaya taking on more of a creative role as she returns as one of the producers. Created by Corinne Marshall, returning stars will be Kadeem Hardison, Kamil McFadden, Tammy Townsend, Veronica Dunne and Trinitee Stokes. Rob Lotterstein will also be returning as executive producer.

Disney has not only been airing K.C. Undercover on its flagship channel, but they have been handling the almost daily marketing of the show across multiple platforms. A lot of money went into making the action scenes in the show top level quality, making this an enjoyable boundary push for the network. As a top ratings grabber for Disney, expect the show to continue its good run into the future and beyond.

What can K.C. Undercover do to improve the storyline for the new season? Are the action scene in the show the best on any Disney series?

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