Justin Hartley To Leave ‘The Young and the Restless’


Justin Hartley is departing the long running soap after only two years of service, but no one seems that surprised. He did a fantastic job as Adam Newman and was a breath fresh of air to the usual storylines of the soap, but now it is time for him to go. It is a little bizarre that the news of his character would just go away (or die) in this fashion, but Hartley was never really considered a permanent member.

The busy actor lent his services to the show and boosted the profile of The Young and the Restless, which is amazing considering how his schedule is always packed. It was a real good showing for the time he was there, as it isn’t often that actors in primetime shows sign the dotted line to go into soap operas. So when Hartley was brought aboard it was under the notion that he would only be there while his schedule is open.

This Is Us is set to premiere soon, and guess what? He has a part in it as the lead Kevin! The show is going to be one of the biggest things to hit NBC in months, so departing Y&R was a no brainer for the young actor. To his credit he took to his Facebook to think all of the fans of the soap, and did a fantastic job over the last couple of weeks of not spoiling Adam’s fate. In the open letter, he seemed very genuine and thankful for the opportunity.

Hartley will be missed on the show, yet his presence there has jumpstarted a lot of cool storylines for the writers to play around with.

Will Y&R be worse off without Adam Newman? Who is the best actor on the soap now?

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Donna O.
Donna O.
9 months 4 days ago

Justin Hartley leaving Y&R really is disappointing. I do understand he was only there for a limited time but he is such a talented actor. He fit right into the role of Adam Newman. My grip is that T&R knew Hartley was only going to be there a short time. And with him leaving and the original actor that played Adam, I have completely gone blank in his name, is available now according to other threads, WHY WHY wouldn’t Y&R do their best efforts to resign?! For Y&R to write off or kill off Adam’s character is an epic fail on their part! There are SO many more story lines that could be written for years to come!

The writing on Y&R in the past few has been something to definitely improve on. When they close the door on a major character like Adam is crazy. There are years of storylines with Victor, Jack, Chelsea, Nick, Sharin amongst other active characters not to mention any possible new characters that I truly feel Y&R dropped the ball on this one!!