Julia Roberts Will Star In ‘Today Will Be Different’


One of the biggest movie stars of all time is making her television debut! Julia Roberts was last seen in Money Monster with George Clooney, and it was a pretty good film. She is one of the old time A-listers that demanded 20 million a movie, and is part of a dying breed of actress. With the rise of streaming media from Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, several big name stars have started to take their talents to the small screen. Today Will Be Different will be adapted from a novel of the same name by Maria Semple. The book is still hot, and is on the New York Times best seller list.

Eleanor Flood has one of the most incredible days ever, and can be described as a bit obsessive. Today she has made it a point to handle all of the little things in her life that she has been procrastinating with. It’s a simple enough plan until life gets in the way again with her husband, son and colleague causing disruptions throughout the day.

Roberts will of course play Flood, and no network has been attached yet. The producers will begin looking for a network next year, although it is pretty safe to say it will land on one of the streaming outlets. It’s also unclear how the series will work out over the course of a season, even if it is a limited series. The best show to look at when it comes to handling a day’s worth of stories is 24, which does it so well that no show can even touch it. Can Julia Roberts turn a single day in Today Will Be Different into an entire season worth watching?

What network will the series land on in 2017? Is Roberts the biggest star to come to television?

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