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A First season of Joyride began airing on November 15, 2016

S1 Started November 15, 2016

The team behind Esquire Network’s Car Matchmaker franchise is bringing a new show for car fans to enjoy: the six-episode series Joyride, scheduled to begin its first season on November 15th. The biggest thing that many will be interested in is the combination of hosts for this new show, rapper T-Pain; professional racecar driver Brian Vickers; actress Mischa Barton; and actor Oliver Trevena. This group of celebrities may seem a bit random, but they all have one thing in common: a love and passion for cars, including restoring and collecting them. #Joyride will take these car fans and put them in a series of funny challenges as they try to find the best cars in a variety of categories.

The cars that the hosts test will be in a variety of categories, ranging from classic favorites to some of the most modern vehicles on the market. Each host will take the wheel of one of four cars, putting their own driving skills to the test with a comedic bent. For example, they will find the “Best British Car” by taking a test ride in the back seat to try and see how luxurious it feels. With the “Best 80’s Car,” they’ll drive while listening to a mixtape from the hair-band era. Other categories in these episodes include: Best Classic Truck, Best Car for a First Time Driver, Best Muscle Car of the 1960s and Best Midlife Crisis Car.

Matt Hanna, EVP, Original Programming at Esquire Network, explains that the channel’s viewers have a natural appetite and interest for cars, making another partnership with the Critical Content crew a natural plan for them. “Our four dynamic and highly opinionated hosts – T-Pain, Brian, Mischa and Oliver – each have a very personal connection and life-long obsession with cars.” The show’s appeal will not come only from the testing process, but the learning process when these four hosts discuss and come to an agreement on what car is the best.

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@Joyride’s combination of car enthusiasts may seem a bit odd, but those familiar with the success of Top Gear and others similar shows in the UK and beyond realize that there is a tight market for seeing those passionate about cars indulging their hobby. With the combination of celebrity hosts and the basic format, it is clear that Esquire Network is trying to make a bid for this type of audience. While it is a smart move, a lot of this is contingent on the chemistry of these hosts. Even though they have a shared interest, we haven’t seen

them interacting before, so a lot of the potential reception of the show hinges on something that we can only predict at the moment.

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