‘Joyride’ Is Missing Key Ingredients


Esquire TV is trying to jump in with the big boys when it comes to car enthusiast shows, and has ordered six episodes of Joyride. The series comes from the same team behind the Car Matchmaker series, which has been great in its own right. But this is something different entirely, and everyone knows it. With Top Gear rolling over and showing everyone their belly, does that leave an opening for shows other than The Grand Tour?

With a premiere date of November 15th, the network plans on throwing the show to the wall and seeing what sticks. Their hosts will consist of T-Pain, Mischa Barton, Brian Vickers and Oliver Trevena. A very weird variety of hosts there, yet a group that seems a lot more watchable than Top Gear at the moment. The theme of the show is all about old and new vintage cars. They will talk, interview, drive and experience the best of the best, with the episode ending in them choosing a winner. The whole choosing a winner dynamic is a bit new, and might throw the show off of its game for a bit. It’ll definitely take some getting used to, as it seems like more of a tacked on gimmick.

Joyride will take on worldwide vintage cars, which means you can expect to see categories like Best British Car, Best Classic Truck, Best 80’s Car, Best Muscle Car of the 1960’s, Best Car For a First Time Driver (Really?) and Best Midlife Crisis Car (Huh?). The show is like a grab bag of gimmicks, but with a little polish it can be something special. Viewers should give it a few episodes to really grab them with the format.

Is this a better car show than Top Gear? What do you think of the hosts that were picked?

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