‘Joe 2.0’ Is Coming To ABC


The popularity of Black-ish has led ABC to work with both Courtney Lilly and Tim Story on another comedy sitcom by the name of Joe 2.0. It is about a divorced high school teacher that is trying to find a way to make the most of everyday life. And yes, it is a comedy.

  1. Courtney Lilly is the co-executive producer of Black-ish and the writer of Joe 2.0. He will handle a lot of the heavy lifting and will be responsible for shaping to the series to be similar to Black-ish but to still have its own identity. Even with effort, that could be a tough task.
  2. Tim Story has been around the industry a while with his many connections. His ties to both Freeform and CBS helped to land this deal in the place where it would be appreciated the most. He also has ties to popular celebrities like Jamie Foxx, with a recent project under his belt. That will come into play when Joe 2.0 needs a celebrity appearance.
  3. Aaron Kaplan is also on board as an executive producer. He will bring clout to the program to go along with the others producing. Kaplan and his Kapital Entertainment company have strong ties to ABC Studios, who is also producing.
  4. This is an aggressive move by ABC as they look to dominate the single camera comedy market. With all of the pop culture references in Joe 2.0, it will be an instant hit for a network that is full of hits.

There are of course many ways this series can go in the wrong direction. That is unlikely to happen with all the talent associated behind the cameras. Now they just need to find actors who can really push the series.

Will Joe 2.0 get a good cast? Who would you hire as the main star?

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