‘Jack Ryan’ Expands Its Cast


Lovable actor Wendell Pierce will also join new cast mates Ali Suliman and Dina Shihabi. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is still picking up steam before its 2017 premiere and is making a serious push with this latest grab.

Pierce is best known for his work on The Wire as Detective Bunk, and is currently one of the most in demand television actors you can find. He will play Ryan’s boss James Greer, a case officer with a direct tie to the CIA. The hiring of Pierce came as a surprise since he is currently starring in The Odd Couple, but the CBS comedy may not get renewed and is airing a limited run in season 3. Only thirteen episodes are expected for that season, which opens up his schedule a bit. Other shows that used his talents include Ray Donovan, Treme, Suits and the new film Confirmation.

Suliman will play an Islamic activist named Suleiman (yes really) that is a good guy at heart but is in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is most recognized for his work on Showtime’s Homeland. But the more interesting character in this particular plotline will be Suleiman’s wife Hani, played by Shihabi. As an independent Muslim, she is willing to do anything to protect her family. This may include crossing lines that may put her family in even more danger than they are in.

With all of the extras viewers shouldn’t forget that at the heart of all this is John Krasinski as Jack Ryan, a role that he will have to try his hardest to pull off. Clancy is a big name in the industry, so with such a high profile branding they really need to get this one right!

What do you think of the latest additions to the cast? Will it hurt or help the quality of the show?

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