‘Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Releases Teaser Trailer


Although they will never beat The Simpsons when it comes to the most episodes aired, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is pushing an incredible 12th season. The show is still as vibrant and fresh as ever and continues to be the funniest thing on the network. After what seemed like over a year, they finally released a 15 second promo teaser featuring the entire gang. The inseparable 5 are back at it again, with some of the craziest adventures in the history of television.

So what does season 12 look like? Frank has found a new love in his life, or rather someone that can tolerate him for more than a week. Who is this new lover, and why are they so close? Mac and Dee are trapped in a slide and a shirtless Dennis dances in a way that will create gif mayhem for the internet. So in short, exactly what people wanted for the season!

Some of the other things they will be test driving for the new season is a full musical episode, something that would be nice if they incorporated a Little Shop of Horrors type twist. Scott Bakula will be making a guest appearance, and even if the capacity of his guest spot isn’t known, you can be sure they will take full advantage of it. The new season is set for January 2017, so stay tuned for an exact date of when it all come together. And the series is already extended to season 13 and 14, so they’ll be around for as long as they want to do the show. With the quality of the writing still at a high level, why quit?

What season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was the best? Is there a winning formula here that other comedy sitcoms can follow with different actors?

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