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The fate of It’s a Mann’s World Season 3 remains up in the air

Release Date of #MannWorld S3: To be announced

It’s a Mann’s World is a multigenerational documentary-style series with an emphasis on family values. Centered on the daily lives of entertainers David and Tamela Mann, IMW is executively produced by the pair, in partnership with eOne representatives Tara Long, John Morayniss, Eric Hoberman, Howie Millier, Kim McKoy, Roger M. Bobb, and Phil Thornton.

The Manns may be familiar to Tyler Perry fans, with David playing Mr. Brown, and Tamela playing Madea’s daughter Cora in the Madea franchise. However, the Manns are also highly-praised self-made entertainers with Tamela having won both a Stella and BET Award for her gospel singing performances, and Brown often selling out seats to his revered standup comedy routines.

As mentioned, each hour-long episode of #MannWorld showcases the couple’s daily lives as they juggle their multiple entrepreneurial, celebrity, and parental duties. Their adult children play prominent roles in the series, and the group as a whole is a great example of a functional and well-balanced integrated family.

Porcia and Tiffany are David’s children from a prior relationship while David Jr. and Tia are the products of his twenty-year marriage with Tamela. In total, the couple’s four children have made David and Tamela the proud grandparents of eight grandchildren. In addition to children of their own, the couple has additionally taken the responsibility of raising their niece Sonia.

David warns viewers looking for a series focused on yelling, fighting, and drama to stay clear of #MannWorld. He explains that “There’s a stigma to reality shows [and] the emphasis is often on the negatives. The producers can push you to be mean and make it dirty, [but] that’s not what we’re about.” 

While you won’t see any reckless screaming and betrayals from the Mann family, they are not clichéd portraits of constant perfection either. David has stated quite clearly that: “We’re not trying to paint a perfect picture of a perfect family, because we have issues too, but we find a way to deal with those issues without it turning nasty.”

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The first season of #IMW was broadcast by the BET network on January 15th of 2015, with a self-titled pilot episode. Throughout the series, viewers were taken on an energetic family adventures that included everything from warmth and sadness to togetherness and laughs. Like David explained, the Mann family has their share of arguments and troubles, but they always show each other the utmost levels of respect and love.

In early May of 2015 it was announced that #IMW had been renewed for a second ten-episode season slated to premiere sometime in spring of the next year. True to their word, the Manns returned to the BET network on February 23rd of 2016 with a 10PM premiere, entitled “Mann of the Kitchen”. The second season of the series was very much like the first, with family cook-offs, weddings, squabbles, and music projects. The most notable episode, however, was the season finale, entitled “New Mann Sound”. This episode featured a guest appearance from singer, songwriter and record producer Timbaland, who meets with Tamela to help develop a new take on traditional gospel music.

Despite being nervous about showcasing their lives on

public television, Tamela and the rest of the Mann clan are delighted with the public response IMW has been receiving. Tamela says “[Fans] were saying how happy they were to see a show about a family where everyone loves and supports one another. This has just been a blessing.”

As of yet, BET has not revealed whether they intend to renew or cancel the It’s a Mann’s World series.

Be sure to check back soon for updates.

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I hope it comes back. Keep.hope alive