Is ‘Van Helsing’ Going To Meet A Bitter End?


Make no mistakes about it, Van Helsing is not off to the start that Syfy wanted. Besides being critically panned, the show is not that loved by the viewers. There are a lot of plot holes, bad writing and just plain weird dialogue choices given to key characters. A lot of times it looks like a teen drama that should have landed on The CW or Freeform. Then in other areas it looks like a show that was meant for Syfy in every way, and one that could last years.

The up and down quality of the show has hurt it, and makes absolutely no sense. Neil LaBute is the showrunner and is best known for his brilliant movie In the Company of Men. He has been around for a while, and done different genres of film. This also includes television where he has had a hand in a fair share of work. Van Helsing was a different project entirely for him, since it was the first time ever in his career that he would be a showrunner. With expectations that he would knock it out of the park, so far his finished work looks painfully average. Heading into episode 5 the show doesn’t really know what it wants to be yet.

And this isn’t unfair criticism, as rival show Wynonna Earp was rough around the edges yet became a thrilling watch midway through the season. This is bad news for Van Helsing as it enters the halfway mark, and even worse news as Wyonna Earp is on the same network! In trying to be different than anything on television, Van Helsing has lost its true identity. The books alone show a lore that is legendary, and points to either a problem with the writing or with the showrunner himself.

Will Van Helsing pick up viewers before the finale? What do you think the future holds for the series?

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