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Is ‘Too Close To Home’ Really That Good?


Depending on who you ask, Too Close To Home may be the best new show on television. This is in contrast to being one of the most critically panned shows of the year, to the point where memes are popping up everywhere making fun of the series- that’s never a good sign. But Tyler Perry’s newest drama seems to have found a fanbase, not only with the quick season two renewal, but also by knowing his demographics. Just like Madea isn’t for everyone, Too Close To Home is definitely not A+ viewing, yet it has an audience.

The acting is the worst of any Tyler Perry series to date, notably since this is his first foray into dramatic acting on a television series. He has done plenty of dramatic movies, but this is a completely different field. This is also one of the most inexperienced crop of actors of any show on television. Comparing it to a Disney show will show more combined years of experience! Yet with Perry directing, producing and writing, they seem to iron out the rough spots where necessary.

Yet the real driver of the series (love it or hate it) is the storyline, which is something that Perry just weaves masterfully. Sure the characters are about as generic as an old comedy sitcom, but the writing (not the dialogue) is compelling. The show has some really good ideas wrapped up in all of its flaws, and if it can keep finding an audience those flaws will no doubt be ironed out.

Season two in 2017 will give the show a much needed rest to find itself, and possibly reach a broader audience to get those pesky critic pans out of the way. If anything, watch the show for the scenes containing Trisha Rae Stahl who absolutely steals any scene where she plays Jolene.

Is there an upside to the future of the show? What is your favorite thing about Too Close to Home?

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