Is This The End For ‘Flip or Flop’?


Flip or Flop stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa are in the middle of a separation, and less importantly, their show may be in danger. HGTV is already up to date on the news of the popular real estate show and said it will go on as scheduled. This doesn’t explain whether it will go on to another season, nor does it explain the events that led to the separation.

Rumor has it that police were dispatched to their homes for a reportedly ‘armed and suicidal male’. When the guys in blue arrived, Christina was in the home upset while Tarek was on a hiking trail nearby with a gun. Later on Tarek said that he carries the firearm to protect himself from wildlife when he’s on the trail. But the bigger news comes from the police taking five guns from their home, which is a bit odd since the couple has later on described the entire situation as a misunderstanding.

Who made the phone call? And if it was a misunderstanding why did the police confiscate all their guns? The matter is being handled privately, with the outcome more than likely deciding what will happen to the show. Kate Gosselin was able to handle a public split from her husband and maintain her reality show, but only because she had 8 other costars to lean on. Flip or Flop has a much different dynamic, with the two married host being the meat and potatoes of the program. It’s impossible to hide the animosity of an ongoing divorce between two people, and it is a headache that HGTV would be better to avoid. Time will tell if they can work it out since all of the news and rumors contradict one another.

What do you think really happened between the Moussa’s? Is this the end of the show?

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