Is There A Chance For More ‘Louie’?


Louie C.K. may end up doing a Larry David and coming back from hiatus to reprise his show! Now this is not coming from the comedian himself, but a desire from FX networks and its CEO John Landgraf. Louie focused the show on his past and current life, so that could mean that he ran out of material. It could also have a lot to do with his new career focus on producing.

The comedian has been making the most out of his contract with FX, and is already executive producing three different series for the network. Baskets and Better Things, One Mississippi and an animated show with Albert Brooks are all on Louie’s plate. So even if he did come back, would he have time to do the show?

Whether he has time or not, the focus of the show has always been about his personal experiences. With Louie working non-stop as a producer, there really aren’t a lot of personal stories that can be put on screen like the ones from when he was traveling the world doing standup. Now if they changed the format of the show and did something like Bojack, then bringing back Louie would make perfect sense.

Imagine a revamped Louie where he is trying to break into the business as a big time producer, yet no one will take him seriously as a behind the camera creative person. He spends the entire season trying to work and get the respect that he deserves, leading to the typical antisocial behavior from Louie that everyone knows and loves.

It may never be a reality, yet Landgraf is doing everything in his power to make it happen. Sending Louie news of Larry David’s return was brilliant, and quite well played.

Should Louie come back for another season? Or would you prefer things be left the way they are?

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