Is ‘Strike Back’ Returning?


This is a bit confusing for both British and American fans. Strike Back has been confirmed as coming back to television, and it will be a complete reboot of the original show that finished its run in 2015 on the same network. They are recasting all of the characters, and there will be a potentially thrilling storyline for the returning season.

Cinemax ended the show on July 2015, claiming that it would be the final season. This came as a surprise since it was still fresh from being acquired from U.K.’s Sky1 after the first season. Now with new life, they are getting rid of the original actors Andrew Lincoln and Richard Armitage. That’s right, Rick Grimes was originally on this show! The new cast will be Alin Sumarwata, Daniel MacPherson, Warren Brown and Roxanne McKee. Andy Harries is responsible for the reboot, and was assigned to the original project. Jack Lothian will serve as both the writer and showrunner, although there will be plenty of input from Harries.

Strike Back is used to these types of changes, as they had to weather a storm after the first season. They replaced the lead actors with Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester after its move to Cinemax. When the reboot airs in 2017, this will be the sixth overall season in the franchise. Other than the usual reboot monster in Hollywood, there doesn’t seem to be a real reason why Cinemax is bring the show back, especially since it will be different from the ground up. There is a good chance they are trying to compete with Homeland on Showtime, but it’s doubtful if Strike Back is even in that league.

Why do you think the network brought the show back so soon? Will the new version hold up well compared to the old version?

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