Is ‘Shooter’ A Lost Cause?


Shoot has had the worst luck of any show in the past decade. It has all of the right things to make it a winner, including being backed by Marc Wahlberg. The stars are in place with Ryan Phillippe and Omar Epps, and the premise is based off of a movie that did great at the box office. Yet things just keep getting worse for the series, and now it seems that trend will continue.

The new premiere date is November 15th, which means it will grace television screens almost 2 months after its original premiere date. That puts it in an uncomfortable part of the viewing cycle, as it has missed out on many of the easy views from earlier in the year with the very same time slot. To put it bluntly, school has called the kids back, everyone is gearing up for the busiest holiday of the year, so the ‘easy’ views are now a thing of the past. USA has no choice but to throw a brand new program to the sharks, where it is possible ratings will suffer- this is not a good time to release a brand new show in the season.

To USA’s credit, they’ve done all they can in the matter. Marketing has been on point for the series with both social media presence and fantastic trailers. No one could have predicted real life shooting tragedies would push the show from its original date. And who would have thought an actor on set would nearly murder a stuntman? These are just things you can’t plan for! Hopefully they can stick to this date, and with enough time on the network Shooter can turn into something special.

Does Shooter have a chance at all of becoming a watched series? Or is it too deep in the year for a new series to make an impact?

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