Is Kelvin Fletcher Coming Back To ‘Emmerdale’?


After leaving so suddenly, is Andy Sugden back already? Kelvin Fletcher thinks so, and has hinted that they left the storyline wide open for his character to come back. Whether this was by design or just a little tease by the producers will be decided at a later date. Yet the storyline used to get him off of the show was so perfectly crafted for a return that it would be insane not to assume it! It’s also reassuring that the actor is the one who leaked the information, meaning that he may not be done with the show like everyone thought.

Sugden was framed for the attempted murder of Lawrence White, his girlfriend’s father. It was an emotional scene that was tied up nicely and ended with Andy making up with his brother Robert. It was a long time coming, and it was a nice moment to see the two brothers finally act as a loving family. That moment was short lived, as he escaped prison and escaped with the help of Bernice. So where does that leave his girlfriend Chrissie, who by the way, became a huge villain by the end? Her actions went above and beyond, even if she was emotionally reeling.

Kelvin said that if the character was to come back, it would be a great idea to start a storyline where he is trying to prove his innocence. Not only is that an awesome idea, but it is a limited showing. That means he could come back for a few episodes, just to establish his innocence. This sounds like a ratings splash that is waiting to happen!

Will Andy Sugden come back to Emmerdale to fight for his innocence? And is there any redemption at all for the setup by his ex-girlfriend Chrissie?


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