Is Jane Danson Leaving ‘Coronation Street’?


The legendary soap opera that is the UK’s longest running soap opera, besting even some of its American competitors since it has been on the air since 1960. Based in Manchester, England, the soap follows the often complicated lives of several hard working people in the area. Now there are rumors circling that the beloved Jane Danson might be leaving, and it has already caused a ruckus on social media. Here are some facts about the actress and why she may not be leaving.

  1. Coronation Street has aired 8998 episodes currently. Playing as the character Leanne Battersby, Danson has been in 1,328 episodes since 1997. That is an incredible run, and doesn’t take into account the demanding schedule of soap operas.
  2. There is no reason to leave unless she plans on retiring, as the show has been pretty friendly in terms of the time they take up. While on the show, Danson has been able to pursue several other opportunities while still working fulltime on Coronation Street. She was in The Bill, Always and Everyone, Doctors, Casualty and several other shows.
  3. While American soaps can often plug in stand in actors to temporarily replace their stars, British soaps are a bit different. The response is a little less than positive, and there hasn’t been a lot of breakout stars that have stood in for big time characters.
  4. Leanne Battersby is a huge part of the storyline, and is a prime role to receive an award for. Currently, Danson has been nominated twice but only one award, and that was for Best Dramatic Performance in 2011. She is deserving of much more than that, and her current role offers her the best opportunity.

The actress tweeted that she wasn’t leaving the show, but remember things aren’t always set in stone!

Would you still watch the show if Danson left? How will they get rid of her in the storyline?

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