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Is ‘Geordie Shore’ In Trouble?


Geordie Shore is showing itself to have a pretty toxic environment, even among the reality television ranks. Some of the actors that have quit the show include Holly Hagan, Charlotte Crosby and Chantelle Connelly. They each had their own personal reasons for leaving the show, but there is definitely something going on behind the scenes.

And this isn’t even counting Aaron Chalmers recent rage quit after things went sour with girlfriend Marnie Simpson. The drama from that relationship alone could fuel an entire series, and not in the good reality scripted television show way. There is some real backlash going on with the program, and it has to be addressed since they will be another man down.

Scotty T announced he is leaving the show, although he claims it isn’t about drama and that he’ll be back. This one is a little less dramatic, since he injured his hand while filming and needs to go back to the hospital. This still doesn’t make it seem all too convenient, especially with all the other people leaving the show. Will he really be back, or is this just a cover to leave the show?

The funny thing about a lot of these types of shows is that they are scripted, so when a cast members ‘leaves’ it is nothing more than a vacation. With actual reality not lining up with the stars wanting to leave the show for good, Geordie Shore is facing a pretty difficult problem that they may not be able to fix. Without the stars, the show can’t stay afloat. And they are losing stars by the handful each month. Is this the end of the line for one of the most beloved reality shows on MTV?

Why do cast members keep leaving the show? What can producers do to make it more appealing?

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