Is ‘Empire’ Taking Too Many Breaks?


The Empire midseason finale was explosive, powerful and had everything the fans had been asking for. Yet the problem is they have been asking for these storylines for a while, and there are still unresolved issues. Heck, there are still characters that were announced at the beginning of the season that have yet to appear.

When Empire comes back on March 22nd, it looks like they will air two episodes before taking a break. That isn’t set in stone but follows the show’s trend of taking multiple breaks during the season, even when they’ve built up considerable expense. All of the breaks in the current season have led to a ratings drop, even with the high quality of writing. Some of the more annoying storylines came to a close in the finale, namely Andre’s visions of his dead wife and Jamal’s drug addiction. As a result Andre has moved on with a plan to (possibly) kill his father while Jamal gets to go into rehab. The latter story will hopefully be fast-forwarded, so that when Empire returns Jamal is out of rehab and ready to jump back into his career. They have spent a lot of time dealing with his drug problem to the point that Lucious began to look like the logical parent in the room- which is scary.

The big blowup that everyone is looking to see continued is the fallout of Lucious outing Angelo during his mayoral campaign. In the ending scene it looked as though Cookie was more ticked off at Angelo than she was Lucious. And when Empire does come back, the writers should add more scenes of Leah! Ratings are still great, so it would be nice if FOX kept the fans happy.

Will all of the breaks from Empire cause the show to lose fans? What did you think of the midseason finale?

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