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Is Casey Batchelor A Good Fit For ‘Love Island’?


Described by many as the most beautiful woman to ever walk through the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ doors, Casey Batchelor has now shown recent interest with appearing on Love Island. It’s a bit of a strange turn of events, since the model likened the show to an adult film. She said it jokingly, but the truth is the show often devolves to that more often than now. Love Island might not be a good fit for the beauty, although it can work.

Love Island came out in 2015 and is a run of the mill reality show with the gimmick of coupling up. To simplify it for Americans familiar with the format, the show is pretty much ‘Dating Naked’ but without the nudity, and not focused on a single girl or guy. The competition-based show pairs and eliminates couples until there is a last one standing to receive the hefty £50,000 prize money. The last couple to win Love Island were Nathan and Cara, who were also one of the longest running couples in the history of the show.

There is a lot of backstabbing and politics in the show, and as CBB showed, Batchelor is not a fan of it. The main problem is that she doesn’t play the actual game well enough to make the backstabbing work in her favor. So while she will bring in viewers due to being a star, it will be more to enhance her celebrity than to actually win the competition.

To repeat, there is zero chance that Casey Batchelor will win Love Island, but the producers will sign her just for the ratings boost. Even if she only lasts a short time on the show, it’ll still be worth the pickup.

How would you feel about Casey Batchelor being on the show? Would she last a long time or get eliminated early?

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