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No decision has been made as yet regarding the further production of Insane Pools Season 3

Release Date of #InsanePools S3: To be announced

The Lucas Lagoons team is back with a brand new season of grandiose backyard wonderlands!

Insane Pools: Off the Deep End, or simply #IP, is a relatively new reality series on the Animal Planet channel. Joining the ranks of Animal Planet’s other various series centered on luxurious construction and renovation projects (such as Treehouse Master and Tanked), #InsanePools has recently begun to broadcast its second season.

IP is centered on Lucas Congdon and his landscaping company, Lucas Lagoons. For years, his team has been releasing online videos that feature their landscaping work (natural stone pools, in particular) and have slowly accumulated a fan base.

Although the show may seem like an odd addition to an animal-oriented station, Animal Channel execs have reportedly experienced a lot of success in regards to their selection of “wish-fulfillment” series. With the help of a public relations firm and production company, Congdon successfully managed to convince the network that #IP would be a good investment, and the series premiere was ultimately broadcast on February 20th of 2015.

#InsanePools is produced by Vin Di Bona (America’s Funniest Home Videos), Beth Greenwald (Toned Up), and Julianna Kim (Scott Baio is 45…And Single), all representatives of Fishbowl WorldWide Media. Working alongside Danny Passman of Crybaby Media, the developers use each episode of the series to showcase the construction of one of Congdon’s swimming pool masterpieces.

Lucas Congdon is both an award-winning pool designer, as well as the owner of Lucas Lagoons. His company, based in Osprey, Florida, specializes in transforming run-of-the-mill homes into “exotic waterfront properties”. Congdon hopes to inspire a love of the outdoors in the hearts of his clients, and as a result of this ideology, many of his designs include nature-inspired elements. Each episode features the Lucas Lagoons team working together to meet deadlines and please their client.

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Congdon’s team is composed four members, not including himself. These are Matt “Sunshine” Schuler (mud man), Jane “Woman” Werley (Congdon’s mother and lead stone mason), John “Old Man” Messner (stone mason), and Chris “Crash” Warren (equipment operator). All five members of the team appear to be extremely close, with a working style more reminiscent of friends than coworkers.

Viewers experience the worries of the crew as their own, wondering whether the design will be too extravagant for the client, or whether the project can be completed on time despite harsh weather conditions.  Congdon has stated that simultaneously working on both the series and renovations was a very arduous task. He explains, “Projects we usually have a month to do, we had to do in 10 days”.

The reported price for one of Congdon’s “one-of-a-kind wonderlands” is anywhere between $150,000 and $225,000. With a basic swimming pool selling for approximately $35,000, one reviewer has noted that based on price alone, Congdon’s pools would still be considered “insane” even without their extravagant design elements.

Following a renewal announcement from Animal Planet execs, the second season of IP premiered on February 26th of 2016. This season will reportedly follow the team as they travel to Huntsville Alabama in order to take on “some of their biggest builds, new locations, and never-before-attempted creations”. As of yet,

we have already seen Congdon construct a jungle oasis, a mermaid-style pool, and the “largest enclosed spa and widest waterfall of his career”. On tonight’s April 8th episode, entitled “Zen & the Art of Pools”, the gang is tasked with creating a serene and tranquil backyard escape, however, will the calmness prove to be too much for the feisty crew?

What do you think of Congdon’s luxurious backyard projects? Let us know in the comments below.

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Edward Rodriguez
Edward Rodriguez
1 year 24 days ago

This show is awesome bring on another season

1 year 18 days ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE Insane Pools, I watch Season 1 and 2 over and over, PLEASE bring on season 3!

Ann Marie
Ann Marie
11 months 27 days ago

Love this show Lucas and his crew are insane and make beautiful backyards

10 months 10 days ago

Please bring this show back for season 3. it’s great T.V. for family. My family loved every single episode thus far.

Joanne stimmell
Joanne stimmell
7 months 15 days ago

Best show ever for real