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ABC is yet to decide on the future of the In an Instant for Season 3

Release Date of #Instant S3: To be announced

All it takes is one moment for your life to change forever. Being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or doing a single action that sets of a chain of events that you can no longer control, the unpredictability of life can rear up and bite you when you least expect it. It is exactly those moments that the ABC documentary series In an Instant aims to explore. The show originally premiered with a two-hour episode on March 6th 2015, with its second season of six episodes concluding on July 23rd of this year. It follows people who were thrust into life changing and often-deadly events and have had to come to terms with the consequences. The show was produced by Maria Awes and Andy Awes for Committee Films in association with ABC’s Lincoln Square Productions.

So what sort of scary events did the show depict? Well there was the Evan’s family, who were excited for a dream trip to Alaska, which turned into a nightmare when their plane crashed into a mountain. With the pilot and another passenger dead, they had to fight to survive in terrible conditions until help arrived. Or Johan Otter and his daughter, Jenna who whilst celebrating her graduation with a hike in Glacier National Park had a terrifying run in with a grizzly bear. Both were determined to protect their young, resulting in a fierce battle for survival. The show brings these events to life with intense re-enactments, intersected with talking heads of those who were directly involved in the situations, making for very powerful viewing.

Will the show be back in an instant, or will it suffer a deadly fate at the hands of studio heads? Officially there has been no word from ABC as to whether the show will return for a third season, so to get an idea of how likely we are to catch up with more tense real-life stories, we need to look at the popularity of the show itself. #Instant has fared quite well for a documentary series, gaining an average of around 3 million viewers with a 0.69 rating across its six episodes among the 18-49 demographic. In terms of reviews, it hasn’t done quite so well, only managing to gain a 6.1 score on IMDB from 115 votes. There are no Rotten Tomato scores, and the show isn’t available on Amazon Instant Video, so it’s not possible to get an idea of how it has fared on streaming services. However, the fact that the show had strong enough viewership numbers to allow it to be renewed once and has only just finished its second season run, it is entirely possible that we will get a third season announcement any time soon.

Unfortunately there are no current Blu-Ray or DVD copies available to buy of #Instant and no way to legally watch it online. There is also no information on ABC as to when reruns of the series air, so the best we can say is to tune into the channel and see for yourself via planner if any upcoming episodes are due to be shown. You can access the channel on Sky:170, Virgin Media: 161, and Talk Talk: 21.

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Do you think that @Instant deserves to bring its harrowing stories back to the world, or do you think they are tales best left in the past? Were there any episodes that you saw that really resonated with you, or did you find them all to be a bit far fetched? Do you have any stories of miraculous survival that you’d like to share with others?

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Love this show I hope it returns