‘Im a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!’ Crowns A Winner


Spoilers are ahead that will tick off a lot of people, so proceed with caution. Then again with all of the fix rumors this one shouldn’t come as a huge surprise!

It seems Gogglebox will have a really strange shift in policy, as Scarlett Moffatt just got crowned Queen of the Jungle. She won in dramatic fashion, with former Queen Vicky Pattison literally throwing the crown at her. Rumors are already flying about Moffatts worth in the industry and how she is becoming one of the hottest reality show celebrities in the industry.

This of course is a huge conflict of interest that can’t be swept under the rug of Gogglebox, even if they fought off the original controversy of her being on the island in the first place. Someone that famous can’t be on Gogglebox, especially when she is supposed to be a representative of non-celebrities. But the line is so fine that they may get away with it, and here’s why.

The appeal of Moffat is how blunt and real she is compared to the people around her. She says what is on her mind and has no filter, and people love that. For comparison, Khloe Kardashian is the most loved Kardashian for having the same personality. Even people that can’t stand the Kardashians don’t lump Khloe in with the rest of the family. The newfound love for Moffat has already caused ripples on Gogglebox with her own family, and if she decides to return to the show there will be a huge backlash.

Bad news aside, congratulations is in order for Moffatt in surviving the competition! It was a fun season and there is no better representative for the show.

Will this cause a huge problem for Gogglebox? Should Moffatt quit the series once and for all to avoid controversy?

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