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‘Im A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here’ Changes Hiring Tactics


ITV isn’t playing around anymore and is trying to bring some realism and fair game to its popular celebrity themed survival show. With the new season set for November, they are laying down the law in what is expected to be one of the best seasons in years.

Remember how the current ‘it’ reality star was pretty much guaranteed a spot on the show? Well that is a thing of the past, as they have banned popular reality television stars. This is an interesting move, as the main reason to have up and coming reality stars on the show is for drama and ratings purposes. They cited the move as looking for a different type of celebrity, or rather credible celebrities. It’s a very thin line they are walking here, and one that isn’t too unfamiliar from the one social media stars go through currently.

They are basically saying reality television stars are not celebrities, and by default are banned. Now they did say ‘popular’ reality stars, so it may have more to do with them dominating the program. Previous winners of the show came from TOWIE, Union J and Geordie Shore. All popular reality shows, and all dominant winners. Their template for avoiding popular reality stars isn’t uncommon, as Strictly Come Dancing has adopted the same formula not too long ago. It’s a funny change, as its competitor in the US, Dancing with the Stars, absolutely lives off of reality television stars. In fact, being a reality star seems to be a requirement for that show.

This is still a big move for the show and it will lose a lot of ratings, as the social media battle is often helped by having reality stars on the show. Far from the end for the series, this may turn out to be the best thing that has ever happened.

What do you think of the rules change? Would you prefer they kept popular reality stars?

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