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CBBC is yet to decide if Ice Stars will be back for another season or not

Release Date of #IceStars S3: To be announced

Ice Stars is a documentary series that has recently started its second season run on CBBC. This series covers the ups and downs of a group of young people with exceptional ice skating skills living in the Nottingham area. Including hockey players, synchronized dancers, and individual performers, these children have to navigate their training as well as school and childhood friendships, with the potential to even become future Olympians on the horizon. #IceStars has been made by production company Drummer TV (School for Stars and My Life: Born Lucky and Peter’s Circus).

Past viewers will be happy to know that the same group from the first season has returned for this season, giving a chance to see how they progress. Some of the latest plotlines for this current season include brothers and hockey players Rais and Aren trying to take the trip of a lifetime to Canada, Kloe trying to return to form after a string of bad performances, and Josh dealing with a bout of flu days before the British Championships for hockey.

Geoff Huckstep, Chief Executive at the National Ice Centre said: that it was a great experience for the talented skaters at the Centre to be showcased in this exciting series. He adds that the viewers will be amazed at the dedication and hard work and what it takes to become an elite performer in their chosen ice sports disciplines. “I believe the skaters are fantastic role models for other young people and the series captures this perfectly,” he concludes.

Despite winning awards for its first season, #IS was relatively quiet in terms of critical reactions or viewer data. This makes things a bit difficult to speculate on, as there is less of a concrete measure to compare the second season’s success. By and large, it is positive, though. In addition, there is one interesting phenomenon at work here that bears observation: the American concept of the show.

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Note that compared to American reality shows, many British reality shows come off as a bit more “low-key” with regards to production, something that fans of Gordon Ramsay could tell you right away. This is the case for #IceStars, but the nature of it—showing young performers trying to hone their art, may be evocative of other American shows like Dance Moms.

However, where the attraction there is the parents, IS centers around the children, which may feel like a bit of a bait-and-switch to potential crossover fans of the show. Parental drama is common to many people, ice skating skill appeals to less. In addition, the show seems to be targeted towards a younger audience, but the appeal skews a bit older. Social media reaction doesn’t appear to show a large concern about this. In addition, there are many impressions that show new viewers to the show. With the show only seeming to grow in following,

a third season looks like a safer bet. More news will likely not come out until after the conclusion of this season in December.

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