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ID has yet to officially confirm the fate of I (Almost) Got Away With It Season 9

Release Date of #(GA S9: To be announced

No doubt we’ve all had fantasies of being a fugitive on the run. From Bonnie and Clyde to fantastical characters like Zorro and Robin Hood, the idea of being an outlaw, an enemy of the state, runs deep in our minds. No wonder then that the docudrama series I (Almost) Got Away With It has seen the success that it has.

Narrated by Bill Ratner (most well-known for videogame narrations, including Mass Effect and Grand Theft Auto), it follows the stories of mostly young offenders who managed to get away with many of their crimes. Using re-enactments along with interviews from friends, family and those affected by the protagonist’s actions, it puts us deep in the stories of those who did everything possible to get away with their crimes.

Currently in its 8th season, the show continues to show us the true story behind what usually get 10-second local news snippets. The show’s episodes take us through the criminal’s early life and reasons for turning to crime; the reaction to their crimes of the local community and police force at the social level; and what happened on the day-to-day basis.

And when I said it puts us deep in the story, I meant it. The producers took advantage of the new VR technology making headway by making a prison escape video specially for VR headset viewing, for the first episode of the 8th season which began in May. This allowed you to follow the action through security cameras and various individual’s points of view, allowing you to manipulate the cameras to make you feel truly in the thick of it. Viewable here.

Meanwhile, the most recent episode, the Pittsburgh Six (Season 8, Episode 9) detailed the escape of six inmates from the Western Penitentiary in Pennsylvania, providing for an adrenaline pumping-rush of pure escape movie glee (who doesn’t like prison escape movies?). The next episode, out on Friday 15th July, will recount the story of a robbery-turned-hostage situation in an upscale home (who doesn’t like hostage movies?).

For season 9, expect more pulsating prison escapes, police chases, hideouts, robberies and all sorts of debauchery in the face of the law, as the producers give us more of the same beloved high-octane viewing content.

Also, expect further use of VR technology as the first episode’s use of it went down a treat. The interact aspect was a fantastic, innovative way to bring you into the moment of the action. The potential of this is virtually limitless.

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This was a police chase. Imagine if they did this for a heist scene. Something like the street shoot out scene in Michael Mann’s 1994 classic Heat, would be incredible to follow using street security cameras. Following assailants running through the streets would be something to watch.

Not to mention the fact that most police now carry body cameras, this could be a fantastic point of view from which to watch a criminal chase or shootout. Or a hostage situation using the body cameras of special forces. You can envisage a wide array of situations where the VR capabilities demonstrated in the video linked to earlier could be used to further immerse viewers.

No doubt season 8’s snipped of VR was a test run for this, as it would be prudent not to invest

heavily in a new video technology that might not necessarily be received universally well (just look at 3D TV’s which are now all but dead).

What kind of scenarios would you like to see the producers of #(GA immerse you in using VR technology?

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9 months 1 day ago

Hey now…You’re an all star!!!!

8 months 15 days ago

Hopefully I (almost) got away with it season 9 arrives this summer, it’s been 2 years since the last season 8 so hopefully they’re filming a brand new season 9! ????