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WE tv has placed order for Hustle & Soul Food & Cooking series for the Early 2017

Release Date of #HustleSoul S1: Early 2017

We tv has recently greenlit Hustle and Soul, a new docu-series scheduled to hit the airwaves in early 2017. Scheduled to have six 60-minute episodes, this new show will focus on Lawrence Page, owner and head chef of Brooklyn’s Pink Tea Cup restaurant. The show will detail Page’s dedication to try and make the Pink Tea Cup the first soul food restaurant in the world to earn a coveted Michelin Star, but making this happen has more struggles beyond the kitchen. Page will have to navigate power moves, love triangles, and staff in-fighting, all while trying to make his restaurant the best it can be while serving the people of Brooklyn.

Hustle and Soul will be produced by Big Fish Entertainment, and is executive produced by Dan Cesareo, Ken Martinez and George McTeague. Kim Osorio will be serving as co-executive producer, and the show’s in-house executive producers for WE tv are David Stefanou and Lauren Lazin.

Marc Juris, WE tv president. notes that “when Lawrence Page resurrected the Pink Tea Cup and relocated it to Fort Greene, Brooklyn, he brought along a high-spirited team that always keeps love and dysfunction on the menu.” He adds the engaging and entertaining staff of the Pink Tea Cup will keep audiences glued to the screen, unable to miss the drama that they will bring to the table. At the moment, it’s not clear whether this show will take a more serious or comedic bent. The premise suggests more seriousness, while Juris’s words lean more comedic. Chances are, even if the show tries to straddle the line, the audience will ultimately make the decision for them. What do you think? Would you rather see more staff antics or more of Page’s attempts to elevate his business?

WE tv has built its profile on the strength of reality shows like Braxton Family Values, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Growing Up Hip Hop, and Million Dollar Matchmaker, with particular appeal to women and African-American audiences. Hustle and Soul promises to deliver the same type of content, but with a bit of a twist. The usage of a popular soul food restaurant as the central location not only adds appeal to would-be foodies, but also those curious to see some of the business end of how a restaurant works.

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If one doubts how successful this type of show can be, look no further than Welcome To Sweetie Pie’s, a show with a similar concept that did excellent ratings and drove up business to the featured restaurant by a respectable percentage. While only time will tell, by all accounts, Hustle and Soul can be another incoming hit for the channel’s lineup.

At the moment, all we know

is that Hustle and Soul is scheduled to premiere in early 2017, which leaves a lot of potential options for when the show will actually come on TV. If you’re waiting to see when a more exact timeframe for the show will come out, subscribe to us by filling out the form on this page. We will send you an automatic email once news comes out regarding an exact premiere date for Hustle and Soul.

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