‘Hunted’ Completes Its Nine Teams For The Season


Remember Hunted for the UK? Now a US version is ready to air, and with all new contestants. The rules and contestant numbers are slightly tweaked, and the new format promises to be friendly to the customers without compromising on the heart pounding action.

The US version of hunted will follow nine duos that have to evade capture by some of the world’s top minds. These investigators use modern day tracking and even traditional methods to capture their prey, so it is a great social experiment too. By finding specific patterns, even some of the best runners have been caught in compromising positions. If a team can avoid capture for 28 days, then they win a quarter of a million dollars.

Like all reality television shows, Hunted has really mixed up the casting. Teams for the season debut include the former Miss South Carolina USA, a criminal defense attorney, a business manager for escape rooms and even a pastor’s daughter. The mixture makes for some entertaining television as even the most incredible runner will often have to make up for their partners mistakes. In a way the US version has done away with the balancing issues of the UK version. Time will tell if it makes a difference over the course of the season, but everything already looks great.

Viewers should look to watch the show on January 22nd, with a big boost in the ratings being giving by the NFL’s AFC championship game which will precede it.  After this special airing the show will then move to its official timeslot on Wednesdays, starting with a two hour episode on January 25th. They have a lot to prove, and CBS is pushing this exciting concept really hard!

Will this be better than the UK version? Can CBS do away with the balancing issues that plagued the original show?

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