How Did ‘Better Things’ Do This Season?


Going from Louie to Better things is not that big of a jump considering both shows are cut from the same cloth. Pamela Adlon did an admirable job this year in the role which is why it has already been renewed for a second season, set to premiere next year. Considering that the comedian has spent a good chunk of her career taking on gender defining roles, it’s hard to believe that even this late in her career she is most known for her voice work as Bobby Hill.

The storytelling in Better Things is more dramatic than Louie, and it’s better off for not copying the former’s format. The dramedy appeal works better for the show since it would have been pretty average as an all-out comedy. When the show isn’t tackling politics, social issues or pop culture references, it’s shining a light on some of the more controversial hot topics in the news. Louis C.K. is the creative talent that can be thanked behind the scenes for the shows courage, but a lot more respect should go to Adlon and how she plays her character on the show.

Better Things has scored high ratings on the same network that airs Atlanta, a show that pretty much had everyone entranced through its first season. That doesn’t mean that Better Things isn’t just as good, and it should continue to get better when the second season rolls around. By the time the season one finale aired, people were wondering if it was the best show on the network. The series still has a lot to prove if it wants to be recognized beyond the hype, and it is well on the way to doing just that.

Will the second season of the show improve on the current format? Is this the best show on FX?

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